VDS add-on solutions

VIEBROCK DatenService GmbH was founded in 1990. Since 1998 we use SelectLine software successfully. 20 years of SelectLine software experience and regular training sessions, as well as a large number of installations, have made routine knowledge grow.

We offer mature ERP software solutions that are tailored to each other, that the processes are optimized and you achieve the maximum benefit for your business. The SelectLine ERP, order processing from der SelectLine Software GmbH, and the Webshop from Sylinx GmbH are part of the foundations of our portfolio

Add-on solutions, like the document management system from docuvita GmbH Co. KG, the field service and store solution SyMobile-Client, or the add-on solutions developed by us VDS.EDIFACT, our EDIFACT solution for electronic document submission to the SelectLine software, complete the offer.

Below you will find a selection of our add-on solutions, which are already in use by many customers. Thank you so much!

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