27. August 2018

Balzer GmbH – user report

„For the future, we still see many possibilities for optimizing our processes and look forward to further cooperation with VIEBROCK DatenService.“

The company has its origins in the 1950s as a retail store for books and stationery in Stade. 1991 followed the founding of the GmbH, now the company is called Balzer Bildungskonzepte GmbH and currently employs 11 people.

The scope of supply extends – as a specialist book and media service for dangerous goods, transport safety, environmental, occupational safety and hazardous substances – to the distribution of regulations, training media and online products. Sales activities in the Technology division are provided by the KriBa® fire fighting trainer and Balzer Label® for the sale of hazardous goods labeling. Stade supplies well-known companies in the chemical and logistics sectors. In addition, regular seminars are organized and organized for responsible persons and instructors in load securing.

Sabine Altmann, economics specialist, has been taking care of all organizational matters at Balzer since 2001 and was happy to report on her experiences with SelectLine and Viebrock.

VIEBROCK: How do you describe the starting situation and the problem?

Frau Altmann: We worked with a program that was developed specifically and took into account the requirements at the time.

Due to the expansion of the field of activity in the merchandise trade, this software no longer met the current requirements and it was decided to look for a new ERP program.

The program should be able to map the new processes, include proper inventory management, and work should be speeded up and simplified as a whole.

VIEBROCK: Why did you choose the SelectLine?

Frau Altmann: First, we tested a software whose individual components each open in new windows, which was very confusing and confusing.

The SelectLine ERP system, on the other hand, is very clear and well-structured. Especially the clean overview of the lists clearly speaks for the program. This applies to merchandise management and accounting. These points and the presentation by Mr. Viebrock convinced us immediately, so we decided quickly.


VIEBROCK: Which special solution requirements existed?

Frau Altmann: The biggest sticking point was the image of the subscription entity. Mr. Schwarz from the company Viebrock solved this wonderfully for us by adapting the merchandise management contract for us. By using the “Toolbox” in SelectLine very individual adjustments for our house were possible.

VIEBROCK: How do you describe the situation afterwards?

Frau Altmann: We decided exactly right! The program keeps its promise and with Viebrock we have a very competent partner. The chemistry and the tone of conversation are right, thus a very harmonious and productive cooperation is possible. Especially the enormous expertise of VIEBROCK DatenService is to be mentioned. There are expert and quick answers to all questions.

Although we have not worked very long with the SelectLine software, we can already record a significant time saving of at least 20%. For the future, we still see many possibilities for optimizing our processes and look forward to further cooperation with VIEBROCK DatenService.