27. August 2018

Grimberg GmbH – user report

Sales growth with the complete system

Order sheets for roof and wall custom made in the webshop and process orders easily

Thanks to the complete solution, consisting of the SelectLine merchandise management, accounting and the SyShop, the Grimberg GmbH can now offer their customers even faster with the right products for roofs, carports , Terrace roofing, gutters and much more. Execute orders without loss of time because the shop transfers them directly to the merchandise management.

The range of webshop solutions is now almost unmanageable and ranges from the simplest, semi-professional solutions to highly complex application packages. Especially for growing companies, the budget and the implementation effort play crucial roles in the system decision. Frequently, the choice is then also on a product “off the peg”, with the set goals are not achieved in the end, because either the manual effort for order entry or master data maintenance is too high, or the customer management in the shop rather than promote promotes , As a rule, customer orders have to be transferred manually from the shop system to the merchandise management system. As a result, errors are inevitable, the shop customers are dissatisfied and buy at the next opportunity at another provider.

The Grimberg GmbH made such bad experiences before it found the perfect solution in 2007 with the SelectLine and SyShop products in the third attempt. Orders from the SyShop run directly into the merchandise management, accordingly, a manual transmission is no longer necessary. Article and customer master data as well as inventories are continuously replicated with the merchandise management system. The employees in the office can thus concentrate on looking after their craft and end customers and provide detailed advice.

Maurice Grimberg, Managing Director of the Grimberg GmbH, describes the problem: “Nowadays, a well-functioning shop on the Web is the alpha and omega.Customers increasingly buy online and get used to certain standards.It was important to us that the shop is also easy to transform Unfortunately, the old shop solutions generated more work than they saved at the end of the order processing process, so that both article and customer master data and conditions, as well as the orders had to be manually transferred from the merchandise management to the sales department This cost a lot of time and often meant that orders would not reach the customer until one day later than would have been possible with integration.The store’s inventory was never up-to-date and many errors occurred due to manual transfer ,

Despite our small team, we have created here a product catalog with about 8000 articles – both in the German and the Dutch language. The double maintenance of the article master data simply cost us too much time. “After the introduction of the SyShop by the VIEBROCK DatenService GmbH, the problems with the online shop finally came to an end: the shop could be tailored to the user’s needs with little effort Intensive integration into the SelectLine inventory management system resulted in more efficiency and higher productivity in order processing.With the same headcount, Grimberg GmbH achieved an increase in sales of approximately 25% per year.The order share through the shop increases monthly.At present, a good 70% of sales generated via the shop.

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The SyShop also allows a very flexible pricing. Customer-specific conditions from the merchandise management are automatically adopted. A special highlight is the calculation of quantity scale prices in the shop. Since the Grimberg GmbH supplies several countries, the shop must be able to handle different VAT rates. Even multilingualism is not an issue with SyShop.

The customers of Grimberg GmbH also benefit from the SyShop: The offer is now always up to date. Despite the large variety of products, the navigation on offer is intuitive; searched articles are found quickly. By integrating the ordering process with inventory management, orders can now be processed much faster and the goods arrive at the customer faster. And because no one roof is like the other, customers expect to specify orders to exact dimensions. Now you get the ordered plates exactly cut to the desired size. Marcel Grimberg summarizes his experience with the SyShop: “With VIEBROCK DatenService we have a partner who has implemented our ideas quickly and purposefully.” At last we can concentrate on our work, we achieve additional turnover without extra work. which was not possible in our previous shops off the shelf. “