27. August 2018

Friedrich von Lien AG – user report

„At Viebrock Datenservice we have a competent and fair EDP partner. The team works reliably and is always friendly. That’s why we would like to recommend the Viebrock data service.“

For more than 5 decades, the Friedrich von Lien AG, as an owner-managed, medium-sized family-owned company, ensures that creative ideas come to life in the building. Through all the ups and downs of the market, the Zeven location has made a name for itself in the industry, known for innovative products, reliable logistics, fair prices and expert advice! Heiko von Lien, member of the board of the stock corporation and has been involved in the company for over 28 years, describes in this interview his experiences with VIEBROCK, the SelectLine and the SyWebClient, experiences based on an almost 10-year cooperation.

VIEBROCK: Mr von Lien, let’s take a look back: what was the initial situation and what was your initial objective?

H. von Lien: Before we acquired the SelectLine, we worked with a DOS program. That was not enough. There was not enough information and it was not fast enough. We were looking for a software solution that included item management, inventory, and so on. In addition, the Fibu should be coupled so that it is immediately visible whether it is visible to a customer, e.g. there are open invoices.

VIEBROCK: How did you proceed at the moment?

H. von Lien: We compared different merchandise management programs. A big advantage of SelectLine is that you can program it yourself and, for example, Can create queries. This was very important to us, as we needed special data, for example, if a truck in Finland was to be loaded with various goods. This was not possible with the other programs because they only had ready-made masks.

VIEBROCK: What has changed for you since the introduction of the WebClient, how does the use in practice affect you?

H. von Lien: The WebClient has many advantages for us, otherwise we had twice the work. In the past, the sales force noted the orders by hand and faxed them to the company in the evening, where they were entered by the office staff into the Wawi the next morning. Now the AD employee has access to all the required data, is always up-to-date with regard to orders and stock, and can enter orders directly. This saves a lot of time for the field and office staff. For the field service, there is nothing better than the WebClient.

VIEBROCK: Software is a tool designed to streamline operations, streamline routine work, and free up time for more important tasks where people can not be replaced by computers. In addition, IT should be calculated that is our claim! Mr. von Lien, has this objective been achieved in your view?

H. von Lien: Since we started working with SelectLine, the processes have improved considerably, they have become more transparent and clearer. All work became easier and faster. We can implement everything that is necessary for our business, such as Create extra fields or statistics, etc. The investment was definitely worth it, we are absolutely satisfied and the program runs smoothly.

Friedrich von Lien Produktion

VIEBROCK: Maybe as a kind of conclusion: How would you rate cooperation between your team and the employees of VIEBROCK?

H. von Lien: The installation of SelectLine worked great. At Viebrock Datenservice we have a competent and fair EDP partner. The team works reliably and is always friendly. That’s why we would like to recommend the Viebrock data service.

Friedrich von Lien AG im Profil:

  • Founded in 1959
  • Sales of steel profile sheets, plastic lighting elements, gutter systems, carports and component accessories
  • Renowned for innovative products, clever logistics, fair prices and expert advice
  • 65 employees in the field and in the field

The project at a glance:

  • License SelectLine inventory management Diamond on database MS SQL-Server
  • Financial accounting, mask editor
  • Toolbox
  • SyWebClient
  • Individual adjustments