27. August 2018

Ing.-Büro Winter docuvita – user report

“Any document in 15 seconds flat – docuvita & VIEBROCK put an end to searching!”

As in many offices all over the country, the countless daily business transactions in the engineering office Heino Winter lead to a flood of documents. And much like in many offices, mountains of documents in paper archives have been assigned, stored, and managed. This naturally led to more administrative effort, much higher volumes, and ever-increasing search times. The requirement to always be well informed, meet ever-increasing documentation requirements and the claim to remain fast and reliable at the same time – is a daily balancing act that is increasingly harder to fulfill. For a year now, the ship equipment and spare parts expert has been looking forward to an integrated document management solution. Managing Director Dirk Lohmann reports on his practical experience in this user report.

VIEBROCK: “Mr. Lohmann, what initiated your interest in document management?”

D. Lohmann: “For many years, we have been using SelectLine as a merchandise management system and central application for all business transactions. Here we already had the possibility of filing documents assigned to records as PDF files. And yet we were disturbed by the growing copying fiasco. Even though we have tried so hard for a proper filing organization: The time required for searching and finding, grew more and more. And at the same time, we are in a competition, which means that we have faced the challenge of having to do more and more work with the same team because the market demanded it.

That is why we are always looking for solutions that make our everyday work easier and more efficient. This then directly benefits the quality of our service and, ultimately, our customers.”

VIEBROCK: “How would you explain the benefits of this solution in everyday working life and how docuvita actually works?”

D. Lohmann: “Actually, we do not work “in” docuvita at all, which means we do work in the program itself. Rather, the features were integrated directly into our SelectLine. In the places in the program, where it is needed, new buttons were simply integrated. Our advantage: We did not have to get used to a new program, which usually costs a lot of time.

If we want to record and archive a receipt: simply click a button, then the receipt is recorded as a scan and automatically stashed in the system– a small barcode sticker is printed in at the same time and affixed to the receipt. A checkout for verification is also created at the same time – that is it! And when retrieving, the same thing is done in reverse: Press the button in the SelectLine, enter the search term, and within 15 seconds the required information is at hand. We will save 75% of the time in comparison to before. If we had to do this work manually, like before, I am sure we would have to hire an extra full-time employee. Profitability is therefore obvious. All old problems such as “The folder we are looking for is on the way” are a thing of the past.”

Warenwirtschaft Winter

VIEBROCK: “How would you grade the overall implementation of the project?”

D. Lohmann: “A good B+! We especially liked the effort the project supervisor, Mr. Kruse, made in looking through our processes and creating a tailor-made solution!”

VIEBROCK: “Thank you very much for your interview – we wish you good health, good business and always enough time for family, friends and free time – we look forward to a continued and profitable co-operation.”