27. August 2018

Ing.-Büro Winter Wawi – user report

“In their areas of expertise, they demonstrate a very high level of knowledge. Viebrock Datenservice delivers what it promises and if I want something, it gets taken care of. The business relationship is fair and there is a certain level of friendliness, that you don’t find anywhere else.”

Already since 1977, the engineering firm Winter, headquartered in the Port of Hamburg, mainly sells spare parts for seagoing vessels. Read here the interview with CEO Dirk Lohmann, which we led after several years of practical experience with SelectLine and cooperation with VIEBROCK in the early summer of 2008:

VIEBROCK: Mr Lohmann, let’s remember: what was the initial situation and what was your initial objective?

D. Lohmann: The engineering office Winter, technical ship equipment, exists since 1977.We have 10 employees and plan to expand further. We mainly sell spare parts for seagoing vessels. Last year we were able to increase our turnover by 30%, which is also due to EDP. We switched to SelectLine in 2003/04. Previously, we used a “self-made Wawi.” This was an Access-based application written specifically for us, it was a “better typewriter, and with the capacity at the end. We commissioned a programmer for this, but the price-performance ratio was not right and it was much too expensive. The goal was to create a professional database with which we can go into the future!

VIEBROCK: How did you proceed at the moment?

D. Lohmann: I looked at different Wawis, got demos and tried and talked to other companies. The decisive factor was ultimately the recommendation of a business partner. The SelectLine covers everything we need. I find it a great advantage that the program is easy to install, easy to use, and that I can do many things myself, such as small changes in the documents, etc. The value for money is very interesting. I have compared different programs and would have e.g. have to pay many times for Navision.

VIEBROCK: Are you still using the original version or have there been any new developments in the meantime?

D. Lohmann: About a year ago, we purchased the WebClient together with an SQL server. The BDE database was full, slowing down and not enough. We have purchased the WebClient, because customers can see the orders and packing lists so directly and also see what is currently in stock. No further capacity is required for this, the program runs on its own, so to speak. We definitely save an employee here and the application works great.

VIEBROCK: What has changed for you through the use of SelectLine?

D.Lohmann: Since we used SelectLine, the processes in the supply system have improved significantly, we save at least half the time here. Everything is clearer and the transparency has improved enormously. I now see immediately where money is flowing, what is in stock, delivered or ordered. All control functions are at a glance. I could now write a report faster than the tax consultant. The investment was definitely worth it. We have moved into new buildings and doubled the space of our premises. We could not have done all this if we had not done it.

VIEBROCK: IT has to be profitable – that’s our motto! Has this motto been fulfilled from your point of view?

D. Lohmann: Since the procedures have been simplified, such as the management of the offers, we save at least 30% of the working time, rather more. The fact that we were able to expand in these dimensions is certainly due to the cost savings.

VIEBROCK: Herr Lohmann: What is your conclusion?

Ing.-Buero-Winter Schiff

D. Lohmann: The development and implementation of the program worked wonderfully. Mr. Poppe and Mr. Viebrock came by on Friday evenings and, together with the hardware company, did the installation or the move. About what the employees of Viebrock Datenservice offer, such as the merchandise management program, they know. Where they have experience, they are super good. The Viebrock data service delivers what it promises and if I want something, it happens too. The business relationship is fair and we all treat each other very friendly

VIEBROCK: Thank you very much for the conversation. And: good, further cooperation!

Ing.-Büro Winter in profile:

  • Specialist in technical marine equipment; Products and services
  • Certified to ISO 9001: 2000 (DNV)
  • Experience from more than 3 decades
  • Group of companies with own fleet
  • Inspector team (engineers, captains)
  • Delivery service and worldwide spare parts and repair service (service & emergency operations)
  • Technical advice – even outside normal office hours (after-office-service)

The project at a glance:

  • License SelectLine inventory management Diamond on database SQL
  • Financial accounting, SyWebClient
  • Individual adjustments