New features SelectLine 22.1


Barcode scan

Do you often receive signed order confirmations and have to laboriously enter them into the system? We have the solution, because the SelectLine DMS now officially offers barcode scanning. After you scan a document into a specific target path, it is automatically archived and keyworded in the corresponding file using a printed QR code. At the same time, an archive link is also created on the record in the enterprise resource planning system. This allows you to upload new document versions in a short time and with little effort.

New features in SelectLine ERP

Purchase price pre-entry

With version 22.1 we have again fulfilled many Uservoice wishes. One of them was the purchase price pre-entry in SelectLine Merchandise Management. From now on, you can enter prices, including discounts and scales, with a validity date on the “Preliminary Entry” page in the purchasing conditions. Save valuable time and plan promotions or price increases in advance. As soon as the validity of the purchase prices is reached, they can be transferred with just a few clicks. In order to always keep an overview, color codes show whether the purchase price has expired, is currently valid or is pending. With the help of a toolbox function, this process can also be fully automated. The pre-entered data is also displayed in the task overview.

Wizard for updating sales prices

Let’s stay with price changes: Tired of making numerous price adjustments one by one? If you have a large number of items, this process can become a real time-eater. Why not let your personal assistant do the work for you in the future? This gives you the option of changing list and price group prices for multiple products at the same time. The multiple item selection helps you to select exactly the items you want to include for the price adjustment.

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Innovations CRM

Inactive addresses

For better clarity, addresses of customers, suppliers and prospects that are no longer needed should not be displayed in your daily processes or found in your searches. For this purpose, with version 22.1 you can assign the status “Inactive” to addresses in CRM and then also hide them. In the header area of an address mask, an icon shows you whether the contact is active or inactive. This makes it easier for you to keep an overview and find what you are really looking for more quickly.

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Innovations cash desk


With the E-Bon module for the PC cash register, you can now do without paper receipts. It offers all functions to create digital cash receipts in compliance with the law and to pass them on to your customers. For this purpose, a QR code is generated, which the customer now only has to scan with his smartphone. Since the appearance of the e-receipt is based on the flexible print templates for cash register receipts, you can adapt them to your and your customers’ individual needs. Of course, it is still possible to issue a paper receipt.

Innovations Mobile

Item images

Find what you are looking for faster now thanks to an image. If photos or graphics are stored for an article in your merchandise management system, these can now also be displayed in the article selection table and the article details. Thanks to this visual support, you can get an overview more quickly and, if in doubt, do not have to read the entire product description.

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Innovations Accounting

Metadata, standard path and taxes

Always keep track and find receipts quickly? As of version 22.1, this is even easier. All digital receipts that are archived in SelectLine DMS after they have been fully posted are enriched with metadata. Based on posting information such as the vendor, the expense account or the posting document, archived documents can thus be found again quickly and easily. Incidentally, this innovation applies not only to SelectLine DMS, but also to the interface to docuvita. When SelectLine DMS is activated for archiving in your productive client for the first time, the archiving path is automatically stored in the client. The set default path then enables targeted archiving of all your digital documents.

And in accounting, we were once again able to implement a request from the uservoice. Digital documents can now be assigned with the entry “exclusive tax” or “inclusive” tax. When receiving an invoice where net items are shown, you can now easily transfer the amounts of the items. The tax is automatically calculated based on the account’s tax key. If you still want to enter the amounts gross, you can do so by selecting “Include tax”.

Bank assistant

In the banking wizard it is now possible to distinguish between the import format “Standard format” and “Individual import”. The new functionality allows you to import account statements of all formats that are available to you as text or XML files. The import wizard helps you to create import patterns. All the settings of the search texts, indicators and OP determination options stored in them are used after the import to assign the account transactions.

One-Stop-Shop Procedure

For the One-Stop-Shop procedure, as of version 22.1 there is the option to export all turnovers as a CSV file and thus upload them to the online portal of the Federal Central Tax Office. In order to be able to complete all data for the export, the associated input options in the account and in the entry of the entry have been extended. In addition to selecting the procedure, you must now differentiate by tax rate when entering. In addition, for the one-stop store procedure according to the EU regulation under §18j UStG, it is necessary to specify the specific facts of the transaction. Only in this way can the data be fully processed by the Federal Central Tax Office.

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Innovations in Production

Production planning, control and improved performance

In production planning, the new version provides you with the display of all levels of a production list as well as the date calculation over all levels of the production list. This gives you a quick overview of the required consumables and work steps and also includes the times for subcontracts in the schedule calculation. In production control, intervals for future and backward planning can be defined even more finely. The interval at which production control updates the planning view can also be tailored precisely to your needs. The setting range here extends from 1 minute to 8 hours. This not only benefits you, but also the performance of the program.

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Innovations DMS

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