9. March 2021

Icon VDS Adressvalidierung VDS Address validation

  • *Requirements for using this software:
    • Main module of the SelectLine ERP
    • SelectLine shipping (ShipXpert)
    • .NET Framework 4.7.2

Automatically generated orders from shops in SelectLine

Online shop operators are often faced with the problem that customers do not enter their addresses in online forms in a machine-readable form.

This may be due to typing errors, or spellings are used that are not known to the systems of the shipping service providers. The customer orders and the order is automatically created in the SelectLine ERP system. The shipping label is supposed to be printed when packing, but an error message appears.

This means that packing has to be interrupted and the incorrect address checked and corrected. That costs valuable working time!

That is why we have developed a solution that eliminates this problem. The addresses of all orders are checked before they are transferred on packing slips or delivery notes. Only validated addresses are sent for packing so that work can be carried out smoothly in the warehouse.

Adressvalidierung Schema

Automatic verification of addresses

The VDS address validation automatically checks for you whether the addresses in the orders from your shop are unique for shipping service providers. After passing the test, the order is released for further processing. Only incorrect addresses appear for manual checking by employees in the address validation.

Review by employees

The addresses to be corrected are listed in the VDS address validation program and must be edited or approved by one or more employees.

The program already provides the employee with suggestions for the correction. Optionally, the error tolerance of the VDS address validation can be set so that minor corrections are automatically taken over by the program (e.g. str → Street).

The spelling of the street in the example below would then be changed automatically and the address would not appear in the validation:

Adressvalidierung User Interface