9. March 2021

Icon VDS Amazon Pay für SyShop Amazon Pay module for SyShop

Make your SyShop even more customer-friendly with the simple payment option from Amazon

What is the Amazon Pay module?

With the Amazon Pay module you can integrate the online payment service “Amazon Pay” into the SyShop. With Amazon Pay, Amazon customers can use their preferred payment method without having to leave your shop. Offer your customers the opportunity to buy something without them having to create a new customer account or enter their details.

Amazon Pay Warenkorb

How do your customers benefit from the Amazon Pay module?

Customers do not have to create a new account, store bank or address details, and do not have to remember new login details and passwords. All data can be managed via existing Amazon accounts. This means that customers can shop with you faster and more conveniently. In addition, customers enjoy increased protection from the Amazon Pay A-to-Z guarantee.

Amazon Pay Checkout

How does your company benefit from the Amazon Pay module?

According to the Baymard Institute, many users abandon their purchases when they encounter hurdles during the buying process:

  • 24% cancel a purchase when asked to create a new account.
  • 18% abandon a purchase if the payment process is too complicated or takes too long.
  • 7% abandon a purchase if they can’t find their preferred payment method.


With the Amazon Pay module, these users can conveniently log into their existing account and use the usual payment methods. In this way, you can avoid abandoned purchases and offer your customers a faster and more comfortable experience all at once. You don’t have to forego the advantages of user accounts: Amazon provides you with customer data such as name, email address and zip code so that you can personalize your shop experience as usual.

In addition, your company enjoys increased protection against bad debts thanks to the advanced fraud protection technology from Amazon Pay.

Do you want to offer your customers this amazing advantage? Then feel free to contact us!