14. January 2020

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All information at hand:

Keep an overview of your contacts, prospects and customers thanks to weclapp. The creation and retrieval of interactions is quick and easy. The essential information is always available!

Get more customers:

Get to know your customers of tomorrow, today – thanks to planning campaigns and identifying sales opportunities. The web-based CRM supports your company, regardless of whether it is lead, opportunity or campaign management. In addition, it can be expanded at any time by additional users and functions.

Customers & Contacts

Contacts can be taken from your e-mails and address books and managed, or simply created independently.


Thanks to systematic management, your marketing can pass on many qualified contacts to sales.


When converting prospects to customers, you can prioritize them and treat them appropriately.


With the CRM information you start successful campaigns and can address customers and prospects in a targeted manner.

Customer and contact management with a 360 ° view

You can see all the activities of a customer or prospect in their customer file in chronological order. Here you can manage outgoing emails at the customer and link all tasks and all contact points.

You can take contacts from your e-mails and address books, or you can easily create them yourself. Your inventory data can also be easily imported into the CRM system. In CRM, you have the easy option of storing information and calling it up again. You also benefit from the workflows for lead qualification and opportunity and campaign management.

All relevant information, right when you need it!

Lead Management

Via different qualification levels you move the contact to the business deal and can transparently show all further steps to your colleagues.

On the overview page you can display all prospective customers from a certain city and continue working with them. You can then pre-qualify, qualify and disqualify those interested.

Opportunity Management

You can create an opportunity for every interested party, and you have the chance to generate a business from it. The opportunity process is ideally carried out with weclapp – from the first identification of an opportunity to the communication and analysis of a purchase request.

This enables your team to take appropriate measures when converting prospects to customers and prioritize them.

Campaign Management

With just a few clicks, you can create marketing campaigns and add prospects and customers.

Use the information in CRM for targeted addressing. Then transfer this to professional newsletter providers (e.g. CleverReach) using the interface and create your own newsletter campaigns.

More Features


Daily tasks can be managed and distributed anytime and anywhere on all devices.


There is a practical e-mail function with mail archiving for all major business transactions.


With the help of MS Outlook and Google synchronization you get simple and uncomplicated online address management.


For the simple organization of appointments through simultaneous use with colleagues, e.g. as a vacation calendar.


Your day-to-day business is completely mapped with email, calendar, tasks and document management.


Thanks to the chat function, you can easily work together in the company’s internal social network.


Location-independent access to all online devices for secure online storage.


You can easily manage all incoming tickets with the help desk add-on.