20. August 2018

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Document archiving SQL for ERP systems

Especially for small and medium enterprises. Versatile. Independent.

A document management system (DMS) should be as easy to operate and administer as possible. With docuvita you have a very flexible tool at your fingertips, which can be optimally adapted due to its open configurability and free architecture.

The area of application ranges from the administration of your company documents, such as electronic customer or personnel files and project documentation, customer inquiries, to e-mail archiving.

While obtaining information a few years ago was one of the major problems, today the situation is very different: we are drowning in information and documents! It is hard to believe that even in the age of progressive digitization, on average every document is copied 5 times. (Source: IDC (Feb 2006 / Doc # 34822 / Customer Needs and Strategies), document management costs 40 to 60% of working hours, 20 to 45% of salary costs, and 12 to 15% of company sales. (Source: Gartner 13. Finally, 3% of all files are lost completely – on average, it costs $ 100 to recover a lost file.) Source: The Essential Client / Server Survival Guide (ISBN: 0-471 -15325-7 / Publisher: JohnWiley & Sons) Since the 1970s, office productivity has dropped 7% and the paper tide has risen by 300%!

The solution: document management from docuvita!

What does document management bring with it?

Dokumentenmanagement Dateien
  • Everyday work processes are optimized as a result
  • You will find your data faster rather than complicated
  • In addition, transactions thereby obtain improved traceability
  • Paper archives are thus drastically reduced
  • Furthermore, there is a surprisingly significant reduction in administrative costs.

How does DMS pay off?

The cost of investing in a DMS is transparent – the daily cost of search times is usually not – but it is these seemingly low costs that loll – like an undetected dripping faucet wasting time filling entire baths!


Office with 5 employees, scheduled wage 15 euros / hour

  • Average search time: 20% of your working time
  • Cost per working day: 20% of 8 hours:
  • 1.6 hours / employee times 5 employees = 8 hours
  • 15 Euro / hour times 8 search hours = 120 Euro / day

Costs per month:

120 euros times 20 working days = 2,400 euros

Costs per year:

2,400 euros by 12 months = 28,800 euros

Reasons for document archiving:

There are many good reasons for introducing a document management system

  • legal requirements
  • growing data streams
  • Cost savings
  • Standardization of the storage
  • Control over all business relevant data
  • targeted destruction of unimportant data
  • previous investments mainly in structured data
  • Knowledge the most important production factor in the future

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