20. August 2018

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Document archiving SQL for ERP systems

Especially for small and medium enterprises. Versatile. Independently.

A document management system (DMS) should be as easy to operate and administer as possible. With docuvita you have a very flexible tool at your fingertips, which can be optimally adapted due to its open configurability and free architecture.

The area of ​​application ranges from the administration of your company documents, such as electronic customer or personnel files, project documentation, customer inquiries. to e-mail archiving.

While obtaining information a few years ago was one of the major problems, today the situation is very different: we are drowning in information and documents! It is hard to believe that even in the age of progressive digitization, on average every document is copied 5 times. (Source: IDC (Feb 2006 / Doc # 34822 / Customer Needs and Strategies), document management costs 40 to 60% of working hours, 20 to 45% of salary costs, and 12 to 15% of company sales. (Source: Gartner 13. Finally, 3% of all files are lost completely – on average, it costs $ 100 to recover a lost file.) Source: The Essential Client / Server Survival Guide (ISBN: 0-471 -15325-7 / Publisher: JohnWiley & Sons) Since the 1970s, office productivity has dropped 7%, the paper tide has risen by 300%!

The solution: document management from docuvita!

What does document management bring with it?

Dokumentenmanagement Dateien
  • Everyday work processes are greatly optimized as a result
  • You will find your data faster rather than complicated
  • In addition, transactions thereby obtain improved traceability
  • Paper archives are thus drastically reduced
  • Furthermore, there is a surprisingly significant reduction in administrative costs.

How does DMS pay off?

The cost of investing in a DMS is transparent – the daily cost of search times is usually not – but it is these seemingly low costs that loll – like an undetected dripping faucet wasting time filling whole baths!


Office with 5 employees, scheduled wage 15 euros / hour

  • Average search time: 20% of your working time
  • Cost per working day: 20% of 8 hours:
  • 1.6 hours / employee times 5 employees = 8 hours
  • 15 Euro / hour times 8 search hours = 120 Euro / day

Costs per month:

120 euros times 20 working days = 2,400 euros

Costs per year:

2,400 euros by 12 months = 28,800 euros

Reasons for document archiving:

There are many good reasons for introducing a document management system

  • legal requirements
  • growing data streams
  • Cost savings
  • Standardization of the storage
  • Control over all business relevant data
  • targeted destruction of unimportant data
  • previous investments mainly in structured data
  • Knowledge the most important production factor in the future

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