17. August 2018

Icon Wawi SelectLine accountancy

You need analyzes and key figures at the touch of a button?

Accounting or financial accounting is fully integrated with the other SelectLine programs and is one of the most important modules. All financial accounting data are evaluated, processed and stored here. Furthermore, the analysis of the financial data of the current and all previous financial years is possible at any time through a series of reports. You will also find the typical SelectLine properties in Financial Accounting.


The following modules can be found within the accounting system:

  • financial accounting
  • asset accounting
  • cost accounting

Main features

It accesses the same database through the connection with the merchandise management system, thus both work hand in hand. In detail, depending on the version, SelectLine Financial Accounting has the following main features:

  • Booking on e.g. Dollar base
  • Foreign currencies with daily rates from the internet
  • Chart of accounts like DATEV SKR 03, DATEV SKR 04
  • Various evaluations
  • 5-step dunning, automated
  • Payment management (collections, payments, IBAN, Swift etc.)
  • Complete document-, note- and appointment management
  • Custom database fields for debtors, vendors, and open items
  • Automatic booking via optional account assignment wizard, e.g. for SHOP
  • inputs
  • etc.

With SelectLine financial accounting, you have your costs in view. The easy to use feature will inspire you! Managing a company’s finances was rarely so easy. Now all that remains to be done is whether our standard or platinum version is right for you. Take a look at our performance overview. On the other hand, it is already certain that our financial accounting will help you to be more free and to spend more time.