28. November 2019

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SelectLine shipping – The multicarrier software solution for efficient dispatch handling

As a shipping professional, you work with different carriers to optimize your shipping orders. However, these each offer their own software modules, which sometimes have to be integrated with great effort into the existing ERP system. However, this also means that the different specifications of the consignor must be cumbersome to be entered in different modules during order processing. An ancestor where the risk of operating errors is quite high. Added to this is the continuous tightening of conditions for national and international transports. This requires a reliable software solution that optimally supports all shipping processes and simply provides the corresponding information. With SelectLine shipping we offer you a multicarrier shipping software solution that meets your needs: fast and efficient. The unified interface to control all shipping processes, from order picking to form and shipment tracking to shipments, increases productivity, reduces costs and reduces the risk of operator error.

A surface for the use of all freight forwarders and parcel services

The uniform interface of the SelectLine shipping software solution increases the productivity of your employees and reduces the risk of incorrect operation. In addition, the usual training periods, which usually occur in the event of a change of forwarding or an additional carrier, are eliminated.

Direct connection to the used forwarding systems

The integration of SelectLine shipping takes place as a direct connection to the forwarding systems that you use. No updates or routing tables are necessary for this. The feedback of the status information e.g. Package numbers are immediately transferred to the ERP system. Disadvantages of conventional file interfaces such as e.g. “File not written”, “Invalid characters in the file”, “Hard disk full” etc. do not occur.

Minimal maintenance, since only one system has to be maintained

In addition to the minimal set-up effort, only one system needs to be managed from there. This saves costs because you do not have to commit IT resources. The only requirement is a stable Internet connection (from 2Mbit / s).

SelectLine shipping – Currently supported transport service providers

Integrated in SelectLine shipping

  • DHL
  • UPS
  • DPD
  • TNT
  • CHP
  • GLS

Online integrated via web services

  • Deutsche Post Internetmarke
  • DHL Express
  • DHL Freight
  • DHL Paket
  • DPD
  • FedEx
  • GLS
  • Österreichische Post
  • Schweizer Post
  • TNT
  • UPS

Connection via Fortras interface

  • Ascherl & Co
  • Barth Logistikgruppe
  • DSV
  • Eberl Spedition
  • Emons Spedition
  • ERKA Spedition
  • Geis
  • Heinz Huber
  • Honold
  • Lode Spedition
  • Night Star Express
  • Raben Group
  • Rhenus
  • Rieck Logistik
  • Trans MF

Connection via EDI (IFTMIN) interface

  • Dachser
  • DB Schenker
  • Nagel Group
  • Kuehne + Nagel


  • General Overnight, GO!
  • Overnite

Grow, the SelectLine merchandise management grows with you! Order processing. Invoicing. Production. POS system. And much more. All from one hand. SelectLine shipping supports the following features of SelectLine:

Document selection

Define the document types for which a shipping or return is to be carried out.

Delivery terms

Assign the terms of delivery to transport service providers and, if desired, determine which options should be automatically selected. So you can, for example, ensure that an express shipment is also sent automatically with the express option of the transport service provider. The suppression of delivery conditions is possible. Thus, e.g. Shipments with the delivery condition “pickup” in a shipping solution to look for anything.

Terms of payment

If desired, SelectLine shipping can suppress prepayment documents until they have been paid for. Or automatically select the cash on delivery option for cash on delivery shipments. Of course, the gross amount of the receipt is also the corresponding cash on delivery amount.

Package Table

After shipment, the data of the packages including tracking numbers are available in the SelectLine. If you are using the Diamond version, additional fields such as time of shipment, carrier or freight costs can be entered in extra fields. So you always keep track!

Package Automatic

If desired, you can use certain information in the document items to control how many packages should be shipped with which weight.

Export Declaration

Maintain customs-relevant data in the article master and automatically use it for shipping to third countries

Dangerous goods

Maintain your dangerous goods data in the article master and use them automatically when shipping. SelectLine shipping supports dangerous goods handling acc. ADR.

Sanctions list screening

Check your business partners and make sure that you do not violate the Foreign Trade Act. Found hits are automatically blocked and unlocked when declaring “Good Guy”.

Ship notification

Send emails to the recipients of the goods with the tracking link. SelectLine shipping enables you to design your own layout and, if you wish, even automatically send the underlying document (eg invoice).