17. August 2018

Icon Wawi SelectLine ERP

Do you need an ERP program that can do more?

The SelectLine ERP is a modern invoicing program that is successfully used across industries. The modular structure offers maximum flexibility, so that user-specific requirements are optimally fulfilled. Convince yourself of the efficiency and bandwidth of such a solution.

Base data

Address Management

  • Seperate management of customers, suppliers, prospective customers and employees/representatives
  • Any number of contact addresses / contact persons and delivery addresses for customer suppliers and interested parties
  • Overview of all history and statistics data

Article management

  • Per item a list price, up to 9 price group prices and any number of customer and promotional prices per currency possible
  • Control of the temporal validity of the prices
  • Article with parts lists
  • Serial and batch number management
  • Management of accessory and alternative items
  • Overview of all history and statistics data
  • Article descriptions in any languages


  • Standard purchasing and sales documents for mapping a corresponding logical document chain
  • Extensive copying and transfer functions between documents
  • Complete traceability of the document chain in every document
  • Special document “Work order” to illustrate a production
  • Convenient generation of collective documents
  • Suggested lists for the creation of purchase orders, work orders and recurring documents
  • Scheduling and stock-controlled order scheduling
  • Automatic check of individually adjustable credit limits and locks for customers and suppliers
  • Support of foreign language documents and their printing
  • Create structured documents using subtotals, subtotals, and outline totals
  • Any quantity units with quantity conversion per article
  • Definition of payment plans for invoices paid in installments
  • User-defined documents for creating your own document types and their integration into the document chain
  • Projects for the collection and management of documents as well as the accounting of the entire project with the help of partial, final and final invoices
  • Cash voucher special voucher for simplified collection of cashier transactions, with the possibility to control POS display and drawer

OP Management/Payment

  • Processing, payment as well as settlement of liabilities and claims
  • Create reminders with up to 5 dunning levels and freely definable interest and dunning fees via a dunning proposal list
  • Create payment proposals and generate payment runs
  • Transfers using data media (DTA) and SEPA as well as printing checks and remittance forms

ERP modules

Mask editor

Using the mask editor (not available in all programs), the user has the option of adapting the input dialogs of the master dialogs and documents to the respective user requirements. For the following elements of an input mask a configuration with the editor is possible:

  • Input fields
  • Designations
  • Radio buttons
  • Panels (Display for input fields or areas on which further elements are arranged)
  • Switch

Each element can be individually selected and then moved or resized with the mouse or keyboard. The following settings or actions can be made for the elements:

  • Cut elements and paste them elsewhere
  • Change of visibility
  • Enable and disable items
  • Skip input elements
  • Change the input order
  • change text
  • change font
  • Restore the original state


The multilingualism of the merchandise management can also be purchased as a module. The complete interface of the program can then be displayed in English, French and Italian.

Datanorm Modul – Product Manager

The Datanorm module (article manager) manages the articles of multiple suppliers (DATANORM 5) separately, i. The inventory of the inventory management system is not loaded with unnecessary items. The articles can then always be taken over from the Datanorm article data if required.

Price unit

Pricing Unit is a module that allows you to bill products in a unit of measure, but let you calculate the price based on a different unit of measure. With the help of the additional price unit of measure, it is possible to decouple the price determination of a document item from the standard unit of measure, and instead of the standard unit of measure, use the price unit for the calculation of a document item price. All units of measure can be used as a price unit of measure (e.g., can-g or cask-liter or carton-m³). The module can only be purchased in the SQL version of the ERP system. Processing, payment and settlement of liabilities and receivables. Create reminders with up to 5 dunning levels and freely definable interest and dunning fees via a dunning proposal list. Create payment proposals and generate payment runs. Transfers using data media (DTA) and SEPA as well as printing checks and remittance forms.


The module SelectLine Intrastat complies with the obligation to notify the Federal Statistical Office of the movement of goods within the European Union. The required message can then be generated via the module to the Federal Statistical Office.

We basically mention unlimited network, tenant and euro capacity only for the sake of completeness. It’s best to arrange an appointment, which will convince you of the benefits of SelectLine inventory management. After all, a presentation is worth a thousand words. It is the central program of the SelectLine series. SelectLine merchandise management is able to grow with your business. Already suitable as a single-user solution, it gradually adapts to your company size and is also suitable for larger networks.