20. August 2018

Icon Artikelimporter VDS Article-Import – For SelectLine ERP

Image import, price import/history and article import

You receive product lists, price lists, etc. from your suppliers and know the effort involved in reading them into your SelectLine ERP system? Then our program will inspire you!

VDS Article-Import is the solution for the article list import into the ERP SelectLine.

  • Read excel lists, CSV or Access files directly from the supplier
  • Particularities are stored as a reusable template
  • Preparation / processing before acceptance into the SelectLine
  • Update article data of all suppliers at the same time
  • New article investment and article search
  • Import and update images without file naming
  • Graduated prices, accessories and discount groups from suppliers
  • Historical price overview of all price imports
  • Undo price update on historically stored lists
  • Customer price comparison, list prices and calculation prices
  • NEW – now also processes accessory lists

Lists that you receive from your suppliers are the easiest way to get there read and prepared by SelectLine. Through the possibility of creating templates, time-consuming editing is cut to a minimum.

Menu VDS Article-Import: master data

Artikelimporter Stammdaten

Menu VDS Article-Import: SelectLine

Artikelimporter SelectLine


Artikelimporter Beispiel

The upper table in the left area shows the list that was previously received from the supplier.

On the right you can see the import template, with which the data is prepared in the way required by SelectLine. The graphic shows the change in the unit of measure “piece” to “stk”, which is defined there in the template. On the bottom left you can see the list, which is now ready for import.

Please contact us and we will be happy to give a demo of this program.