20. August 2018

Icon CRM SelectLine CRM

*Requirement for the use of this add-on module is a main module of SelectLine ERP

SelectLine CRM simplifies the documentation, management and realisation of business contacts

Optimal customer care

With SelectLine CRM, all contact information required for optimal communication with your business contacts can be found in seconds. Communication procedures are displayed chronologically in the journal, including all telephone calls and emails. Planned appointments can be accessed with just one click. At the same time, all data from the CRM is available system-wide and directly in your SelectLine ERP.

Fully integrated into SelectLine ERP

The full integration with SelectLine ERP and SelectLine Accounting makes it possible to generate new receipts comfortably inside the CRM and to perform customer evaluations, like yearly turnover, credit limits and receipt overview.

Marketing tools

Create and manage new marketing campaigns, define individual customer and target groups and send serial emails and letters directly from the CRM system.

Sales opportunities

No sales opportunity should be left unused. Therefore, SelectLine CRM simplifies the acquisition and recording of sales opportunities. Every staff member has access to the sales process‘ current status, customer requests are handled faster and client satisfaction increases.

Sales management is supported by forecasts of turnover developments. The clear, graphic analysis enables even better decision-making for marketing campaigns.

SelectLine Dashboard

The SelectLine Dashboards, which are also available inside the SelectLine ERP and SelectLine Accounting Software, enables the display of all personally relevant numbers and evaluations. Create entirely new dashboards and customize them to filter all available data to fit your very personal requirements, without the need to export them to external spreadsheet software. Your charts and numbers will always be up to date without extra work.

Individual customization

SelectLine CRM is customizable for individual requirements. User interfaces, menu features and table views can be adjusted for individual users. The order of columns can be adjusted easily by Drag & Drop.

Feature overview

  • Address management in tabular contact overview, synchronized with SelectLine ERP and SelectLine Accounting
  • Chronologically ordered contact history
  • Keyword and full text search for address data
  • Contact recording for telephone and email
  • TAPI-Interface and caller detection
  • Planning and execution of marketing campaigns
  • Sending of serial letters and emails in freely created templates
  • Administration and realization of sales opportunities
  • Customizable dashboard for evaluation of key business figures
  • Calendar function synchronisable with Outlook
  • Radius search function for filtering of contacts by distance
  • Personally customizable user interface
  • More features in the service description

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