8. April 2021

Icon DMS SelectLine DMS

*The minimum requirement for using this additional module is version 21.1 of the SelectLine ERP

Digitizing documents is child’s play with SelectLine DMS

What is a DMS?

DMS is the short form of Document Management System. A DMS supports companies in digitizing paper documents. The documents are stored centrally by the DMS in a database and documented in accordance with the law, from where they can then be easily managed by your employees.

What is SelectLine DMS?

SelectLine DMS is a Document Management Solution based on docuvita and tailored for the centralized, digital management of documents from SelectLine

What are the advantages of a Document Management System?

With the SelectLine DMS, documents no longer have to be laboriously passed from desk to desk. Every employee can easily access the archive from his or her workstation. Accidental deletion and overwriting are no longer a problem thanks to versioning that enables documents to be restored with just a few clicks. With access rights, documents can only be viewed by employees with authorization and endless searching through folders for a specific document are a thing of the past thanks to a full-text search.


Manage documents with a clear and centralized view

  • The DMS serves as a central collection point for all archived documents
  • Automatic creation of customer, supplier, and interest files
  • Functions for resubmission, information on and approval of documents
  • Full text search using the OCR process and other search functions
  • Archiving emails from Outlook
  • Mobile access via web browser
  • Minimal set-up effort

  • A preconfigured DMS
  • A preconfigured interface
  • Users, including their authentication, are automatically transferred from SelectLine
  • Working in accordance with the law

  • Define access rights for sensitive folders and documents
  • Versioning of changes to the documents
  • A two-stage delete function which can be blocked by access rights

  • User interface


    1. Title bar

    You can use the title bar to navigate between the different functions in the DMS.

    2. Menu

    The menu is divided into several areas in which you will find functions such as deleting, creating new objects, scanning and exporting documents, as well as attaching and removing files and switching the view.

    3. Tree view

    Here you can manage the files in the workbook and the folder structure.

    4. List view

    The list view shows you all objects based on your selection in the tree view.

    5. Object details

    Through object details you can see a preview of the object, as well as its properties and versions.

    Home page

    After opening the SelectLine DMS you will find yourself on the Home page where you can see the objects and documents you have recently viewed and the objects and documents you and others have recently edited.