20. August 2018

Icon sl.mobile SelectLine Mobile

Decision-relevant data wherever you go

The SelectLine Mobile module gives SelectLine users access to evaluations, customer data and open documents. Regardless if its your own PC and just as secure as in your own office, you have important decision-making basics available in real time.

Mobile devices have massively moved the business application market, making life a lot easier for all those who travel a lot. While mobile applications in CRM have been on the market for some time, merchandise management users have so far mostly been cut off from their systems. SelectLine is one of the first merchandise management companies to provide its users with direct access to important evaluations in the system without installing a third-party system.

SelectLine Mobile runs on all popular smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone), on tablet PCs like the iPad and can be accessed as an Internet solution from any Internet-enabled computer, whether PC or Mac.

Protected portal

Available statistical evaluations such as sales statistics from the last months, which can be filtered by articles, customers and employees. These become a tabular or interactive Charts output. For trend analyzes, the sales of different periods can be compared. Interesting for all decision makers in management: A compact managerial view provides a quick overview of key parameters. Of course, the portal is protected against unauthorized access:

SLMobile Portal

Only authenticated users get access. Just as in the PC application, each user sees only the data intended for him and thus only has access to the documents and sales of the customers assigned to him. The technical requirements are very simple. All you need is a Microsoft Internet Information Server and a Microsoft SQL Server database. But even customers who do not have this infrastructure should be supported in the future: SelectLine plans a cloud-based solution for customers without their own application server. The data is then processed in a central data center and made available just as securely as in the customer’s internal network.

The SelectLine Mobile solution can be adapted to individual customer needs as usual with SelectLine products. Personal analyzes and evaluations can be made based on the individual tables and fields.