17. August 2018

Icon Produktion SelectLine Production

SelectLine production is the intelligent planning solution for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Always keep track of costs, deadlines and available resources with SelectLine production.

The orders can be taken directly from the SelectLine ERP system. Almost every part of the production, such as machines, employees and resources, can be planned separately. Another advantage: The component “working time” is calculated automatically in the calculation of production costs in the SelectLine inventory management.

This is what the SelectLine production offers:

  • Receive everything from one source
  • Schedule orders directly after the asset management system
  • Change order planning simply by dragging and dropping
  • Simplify your production planning as well as your production control
  • Simultaneously increases your planning security

In addition, SelectLine production offers the possibility of parallel and overlapping production and the display of individual resources in utilization overviews. As you would expect from SelectLine, SelectLine production is easy to install and operate. Following the motto: “Ready to go” within a day.

SelectLine BDE

You want to know if your planning matches your production times?

No problem. With SelectLine BDE, you have real time data about states and processes in production.

With SelectLine BDE you receive transparent manufacturing data for the continuous improvement of your production processes.

SelectLine BDE available from version 19.3.0

The production process in focus

Always know what happens in the production, without necessarily being on-site. With SelectLine BDE you can document valuable actual data about conditions and processes in your production. This way, you can map the entire production process simply and transparently.

Flexible production planning for efficient production control

SelectLine BDE forms the foundation for recording the individual production steps at the production level. The status of the individual work sequences is recorded and reliably mapped in the SelectLine ERP system. The software solution ties seamlessly in to the existing SelectLine production. With the information from the production data acquisition you achieve ideal machine utilization, optimal order control and thus a higher quality and more efficient production processes. Everything, available at request, can be completely paperless.

Process optimization to measure

To accelerate production processes, information must always be up to date and where it is needed. Supplying your employees a terminal with SelectLine BDE in the production hall, provides access to the upcoming work steps and the current process status. You can decide for yourself whether this is a permanently installed terminal, a mobile device or a PC. At the terminal, your employees can log in and retrieve the current work step. Storage can also be made directly at the BDE terminal and instructions and drawings can be retrieved. With SelectLine BDE, you benefit from maximum flexibility in your production and always check whether your planning matches the set production times or whether adjustments to the production plan are required.


  • Perfectly adapted to production planning with direct connection to the SelectLine ERP
  • Ideally complements SelectLine production planning and control
  • Paperless documentation and status quo delivery
  • Report of work progress or disturbances in real time
  • Can be used on one or more terminals with a touch-optimized user interface
  • Capture of actual data about states and processes in production
  • Transmission and processing of quantities and consumables directly in the production hall
  • Provide transparent data for production for efficient resource planning and asset utilization
  • Representation of work aids (for example, drawings or instructions) in the production plant