17. August 2018

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Analysis and key figures at the touch of a button

Accounting or financial accounting is fully integrated throughout all SelectLine programs and is a vital module in SelectLine. All financial accounting data is evaluated, processed and stored here. Furthermore, the analysis of the financial data of the current and all previous fiscal years is possible at any time through a series of reports. You will also find the typical SelectLine properties in Financial Accounting.

The following modules can be found within the accounting system:

  • Financial accounting
  • Asset accounting
  • Cost accounting

Main features

SelectLine Financial Accounting accesses the same database through the connection with the merchandise management system, thus the two systems work hand in hand. In detail, depending on the version, SelectLine Financial Accounting has the following main features:

  • Accounting in any currency (e.g. Dollar based)
  • Foreign currencies with daily exchange rates from the internet
  • Chart of accounts like DATEV SKR 03, DATEV SKR 04
  • Various evaluations
  • 5-step dunning, automated
  • Payment management (collections, payments, IBAN, Swift etc.)
  • Complete document-, note- and appointment management
  • Custom database fields for debtors, vendors, and open items
  • Automatic accounting via optional account assignment wizard, e.g. for SHOP
  • inputs
  • etc.

With SelectLine financial accounting, you have your costs in view. Managing a company’s finances has never been so simple and the easy to use features will help bring your company to new heights. The SelectLine accounting system is there to provide you with more time to do the things that matter most to you. Now the only question that remains, is whether our standard or platinum version is right for you.

FAQ’s SelectLine Accounting

For which businesses is the software suitable?

The SelectLine accounting software is applicable to nearly every business, regardless of size.

Are different versions of the program offered?

Yes, SelectLine’s accounting software is available in three different versions (standard, gold, and platinum). That way, you only pay for what you actually need. You can find more information in the individual service descriptions.

Is the accounting software compliant with GoBD?

Yes, we are always watching the constantly changing GoBD for you. By adhering to the principles, “proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access (GoBD)” you ensure that the bookkeeping is complete, error-free and seamlessly traceable and verifiable.

Which interfaces are offered by SelectLine accounting?

There are import and export wizards that can handle all conventional formats such as CSV, XML, etc. Other formats / databases can be linked via OLE. The software also offers interfaces to ELSTER and DATEV.

Which software documentation or training options are available (manual, forum, online help, FAQ, support)?

SelectLine offers online help as well as a manual in PDF format. Thanks to a dense network of specialist dealers, qualified on-site support can be provided. Training courses and employee briefings are offered by the supervising specialist retail partner. Various courses and training courses as well as workshops are also available directly from the manufacturer.

How can I test SelectLine Accounting?

You have several options for getting to know the software: One of our partners or software consultants will be happy to come to you to present SelectLine. We also offer a 30-day trial version.
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