12. February 2019

Icon shopanbindung SelectLine Shopware-Interface

What do you think about a perfect link between online store products and your ERP system?

Opens new markets, allowing you to sell your products on Amazon, ebay, Rakuten and many other marketplaces in no time.

The real secrets to success of high-turnover online shops are inside the shop system itself.

Digitization is inevitably progressing in all areas of life. This also applies to the purchasing behavior of customers. Everyone knows it, whether looking for a birthday present, the latest technology gimmick or if they want to get their shopping done quickly. It is wonderful, if all these “annoying” duties can be easily performed from the couch with the click of a button. Online shopping is trendier than ever and almost half of the turnover is being implemented online today.

For most companies, as soon as the sales success sets in, the problems often start. In order to keep up with the market today, online shops must always be up-to-date and ideally filled from the connected ERP or ERP system fully automatically.

Benefit now from the webshop connection, which links your SelectLine merchandise management with Shopware. In addition, this connection offers access to marketplaces like Amazon, ebay and Rakuten.

Perfect with Amazon, eBay and Co. work together with the MultiChannel interface for SelectLine

Open up access to a billion-dollar market with the MultiChannel interface (Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, yatego, real.de and many more) for SelectLine. Amazon and eBay are currently the world’s largest Internet providers for products of all kinds.

All our customers are surprised at how fast Amazon and eBay sales figures reach high levels.

The MultiChannel Connector is an extension module of the maniacSeller, which allows you to import and process orders from these marketplaces.

Upload SelectLine variants in the Shopware with the article variant module

Upload your SelectLine products with Shopware variants (such as color, size, etc.) and give your customers a comfortable shopping experience. This increases customer satisfaction and ensures higher sales figures.

If no variants have yet been created in the ERP system, you can simply drag and drop them from normal articles directly into maniacSeller.

This leaves you with a very high degree of flexibility and makes it much easier to upload articles from SelectLine to the online shop inventory.

Upload customer prices & discounts from the SelectLine to the Shopware

With the additional module “Customer prices and discounts” you can upload the SelectLine customer prices and discounts to the Shopware.

All you need is a special plugin in the online shop. The set up is done in a matter of minutes.


  • The perfect connection between your SelectLine ERP and Shopware
  • Additional connection to marketplaces like Amazon, ebay and Rakuten
  • Uniform data maintenance in one program
  • Automatic data reconciliation of stock levels, item prices and product information
  • Mature processes from many years of experience

Your benefits at a glance

Enthusiastic customers:

  • Top customer reviews through automated shipping
  • Customers are constantly informed about the order process

High investment security:

  • Regular updates & features keep the system up to date
  • Thanks to drag & drop operation, new employees are quickly integrated

More time:

  • Full data exchange between SelectLine and the Shopware web shop
  • Automated preparation of shipping documents to DHL or DPD

FAQ’s Interface to Shopware

For which businesses is the web-shop connection suitable?

Whether B2C or B2B, pure online business or as a supplement to traditional sales channels – you decide which target group you want to focus on. With the interface to Shopware, you get the ideal tool to easily implement a multi-channel strategy regardless of the industry.

Can I use the prices from inventory management?

Yes, your prices, price lists, graduated prices, etc. are taken directly from the inventory management. You can also assign so-called “RRP price lists,” which control the reduced prices in the shop. You can assign the price lists from the ERP system to individual customer groups and thus show your customers special prices.

I need a multilingual online shop. How can this be implemented with the shopware

Take over the translations for your multilingual shop directly from the inventory management. You can alter the texts at any time. In this way you can tap into a larger group of customers without additional effort.

Will I need to maintain two systems with merchandise management and shopware?

No, you can carry out all activities, from importing orders, creating new customers, uploading articles with texts, prices, stock, and images, to uploading customers directly from the interface. You can even upload a shipping confirmation for all orders with a click of the mouse when the delivery confirmation, or invoice has been written.

Can I upload inventory levels to the shop?

Yes, you can choose to upload actual or available inventory to the shop.        

Do I have to create all of my existing customers in the shop?

No, you can upload customers from ERP directly to the shop and activate them from there. For example, if you work with sales partners, they can log in and immediately see their prices from the inventory management system.

Does the Shopware interface also support SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important marketing tool for many online shops. With the Shopware interface, you can maintain SEO data directly in the SelectLine merchandise management and thus lay the basis for your sales success.
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