20. August 2018

Icon Select-Automat VDS Jobs-Automation

SelectLine add-on solution: VDS Jobs-Automation – for automatic sequence programming

This program offers the possibility too…

  • start a standard or alternative macro from SelectLine. (without error query)
  • Scheduled start macros without having to open SelectLine (Windows login required), for example: night jobs such as evaluations, import, export, special document run and more.
Viebrock Selectautmoat

Here are some examples:

  • Data importation – e.g. Start CSV file via macro
  • Send faxes via macro
  • Send mailings by macro (for example, always send the shop order confirmation after checking the Selectline at night)
  • Database updates that did not run during the day, such as – Toolbox Updates

Examples directly from the Selectline:

  • Credit limit check for document entry
  • If the limit is exceeded, an e-mail should be sent to the head of department for checking, in addition to the user’s observations.
  • If the limit is normal, a macro should be pushed to update a field in the customer list
  • A special evaluation is created and printed out
  • Update pricing for articles and article texts
  • Importing payments from the payment provider (credit card payment / PayPal)