20. August 2018

Icon Webshop SyShop – Webshop for SelectLine ERP

SyShop – the professional online shop for your SelectLine Merchandise management

The SyShop is specially developed for the SelectLine merchandise management and is completely integrated.

This means that the transfer between the SyShop and the SelectLine merchandise management is always guaranteed (even with updates of the SelectLine merchandise management / shop).

Some advantages:

  • For the operation no administrative component is necessary for the SyShop
  • The complete assortment processing happens in through SelectLine inventory management
  • Illustration of the complete pricing via master data/article and master data/customer
  • the shop accepts customer prices of the ERP system
  • Vouchers of the SyShop are created automatically and 100% correct in the SelectLine ERP system
  • Regular customers are recognized, new customers are automatically created in the SelectLine ERP system
  • Multimandate / Multisortment capable
  • separate operation of, e.g. B2B and B2C shops with separate assortments possible

Frontend Framework:

  • Twitter Bootstrap provides a front-end framework of the latest generation with the option of responsive design
  • it is possible to use your completely own design or to integrate a desired template
  • For each client, a different template can be used
  • Through the Twitter Bootstrap Framework almost every web designer can develop the shop frontend

Stock Status-System:

  • It is a multi-level and freely definable storage status system integrated in addition to the “normal” storage system – unique feature
  • Assure stock status separately for each item based on various factors (available quantity, re-deliverable, in production, etc.) and display in the SyShop

Discount / strike price:

  • the shop operator merely specifies the “strike price” for an article in the SelectLine ERP system – after the transfer, the SyShop independently builds up the “advertising system”

Integrated Content Management System:

  • You can even control your own content from within the SelectLine ERP system
  • With the SyShop a “complete” website can be set up

Language management system:

  • new front-end languages can be created and managed in the simplest way (via .txt file, in the SyShop object and in SyShop media)
  • existing, “fixed” texts can be changed without any programming effort (.txt file and SyShop media) – as far as possible a unique selling point
  • Texts can be quickly and easily adapted to customer requirements and new languages can be easily integrated


The data exchange between the SyShop and the SelectLine ERP system is encrypted by TripleDES / 192. This makes it impossible to use a “sniffer” to pick up the data transfer, or to open or view the encrypted transfer files using a “different program”. That means no one, really, no one, has the ability to view the transfer file, not even the administrator! The file can only be processed using SyShop Transfer and the corresponding key pair.