10. January 2019

Icon SL.MDE SelectLine MDE

You want mobile data collection that makes warehouse processes more efficient?

With SelectLine MDE, stacking paper documents is a thing of the past. Use the possibilities of mobile data collection to optimize your business processes.

Mobile working in the warehouse

Use SelectLine MDE to record your data in the warehouse on-the-go, making your warehouse processes more efficient. By using mobile terminals and handheld computers, you can then collect all accumulated data digitally. The manual notes on paper slips by your warehouses are completely eliminated and the processes and communication channels are optimized.

Full functionality

In addition, with SelectLine MDE you always have an overview of your article stocks or the availability of your storage bins. On the MDE device, you can start an inventory query at any time and display, for example, which items in which quantity are available at the scanned storage bin. Goods in and outgoing goods are recorded digitally in the warehouse from the beginning by means of an MDE device and then handed over to your merchandise management system. This means that you have access to your currently available stock in your merchandise management system and always know your company value.

Take inventory easily and quickly

The regular inventory can be a chore and also associated with a high staff effort. Nevertheless, it is essential for a company to have an overview of the real inventory.

SelectLine MDE supports you in carrying out regular inventories and thus allows you a quick and smooth process. You then have access to all active inventories. These are listed in the system and can be processed there. Inventories or counting lists that are being processed are marked and thus identifiable for each employee.


  • Web application for mobile warehouse management
  • Use on mobile terminals and handheld computers
  • Exclusively electronic recording and processing, no media breaks
  • Overview of article stocks and storage bins
  • Processing the goods receipt and goods issue
  • Manual storage with storage, removal and relocation
  • Support of all inventory types of inventory management