14. January 2020

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weclappON: The ERP solution for your company on your own server

With the weclappON application, you simply host your ERP solution yourself. You can use the powerful software with all functions, independent of your internet connection.

weclapp Cloud vs. weclapp Server

You can decide for yourself which variant suits you better. We support you in any case!

weclapp Cloud

  • Model: weclapp Cloud ERP – Saas-Solution
  • Costs: from 30 Euros/Month*
  • Server Structure: Use on weclapp servers
  • Access: via internet connection
  • Updates: regular updates and optimizations
  • Connection: work anywhere and anytime
  • Data storage: in the weclapp cloud

* Price includes 2 user licenses. Each additional user from € 15 / month.

weclapp Server

  • Model: weclappON – Self-Hosting
  • Costs: from 30 Euros/Month + Support package*
  • Server Structure: Use on own servers
  • Access: via intranet connection
  • Updates: regular updates and optimizations
  • Connection: internal and external accessibility
  • Data Storage: on your own servers

* Price includes 2 user licenses. Each additional user from € 15 / month.

Powerful software: full-featured server solutions

The range of functions remains the same – whether weclappON or the public cloud variant. You do not have to do without a module, with your own hosting.









Adaptation and integration

The data of the weclappOn installation can be saved in your existing backup concept and can also be completely integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. WeclappON can be reached in your network via an internal IP address. The REST API can also be addressed and used internally in your network.

  • API-Documentation
  • Add-Ons
  • Integrations
  • Configuration and customization options

Data security with weclappON

With weclappON, the data is on your own server. Thanks to the role-based rights management, you can decide for yourself who can access what in the company. Data is transferred via an SSL-encrypted connection with a 256-bit key. Secure access is ensured by two-factor authentication.

  • Rights management
  • SSL encryption
  • 256-bit key
  • Two-factor authentication
  • WinAuth, Google Authenticator, FreeOTP
  • RSA encryption
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Customizable backup options

Implementation and further development

Constant optimizations and extensions – that’s what the weclapp software lives on. Useful features are added with every update. The new features are also available with the on-premises model.

  • regular updates
  • Linux, Unix, Mac compatible
  • free online training
  • easy to install as a Docker image from our own Docker repository

Ready to use quickly

Quick installation and immediate availability. You and your team can use all components for weclapp for 30 days free of charge. If you are convinced after the test phase, request the license key from weclapp and are able to use weclappON without restrictions.

  • minimal installation effort
  • Telephone and written support from the weclapp team
  • unlimited use after entering the license key
  • 30 days free trial

Requirements for using weclappON

  • Server: 64 bit Linux server on the Docker
  • Memory: at least 2GB RAM, works better with 4GB
  • CPU: the faster the better
  • Hard disk space: as required, SSD recommended

You can roughly plan with the following values

  • Small installations (1-5 users) require approx. 200 MB / year
  • Medium-sized installations (1-20 users) require approx. 500 MB / year
  • Large installations (> 20 users) require approx. 1-2 GB / year

Same price model as the cloud solution

Whether weclappOn or the cloud solution from weclapp – all functions can be used and the price remains the same. You only pay for the licenses you use. Software updates are already included. The booking of a support package is required.

  • transparent pricing model
  • inexpensive despite the wide range of functions
  • from 30 euros per month / per user, depending on the term and billing
  • free 30-day trial
  • Updates included
  • From 10 users, our volume program comes with price advantages




from 30 €*

*2 users included, additional users from € 15 / month.

ERP Service


from 58 €*

*2 users included, additional users from € 29 / month.

ERP Trade


from 118 €*

*2 users included, additional users from € 59 / month.

The advantages of weclappON at a glance

  • Host yourself: Work regardless of internet connection
  • Quick setup: Out of the box solution
  • No limitations: Full range of functions at the same price
  • Always up to date: Updates also available for weclappON
  • For everyone: weclappON available for Linux and Mac
  • Flexible: Mobile apps for use on smartphones and Co.
  • Data sovereignty: Data is only on our own servers